Beginner Riding Clinic

Total Control BRC®

The Total Control Beginner Riding ClinicSM is designed for the novice rider with no (or limited) street-riding experience. This course includes five hours of classroom and ten hours of on-cycle instruction. You will learn fundamental skills required to operate the motorcycle and progress to street riding skills and strategies. Though designed for new riders, even experienced riders that have never taken a motorcycle course will benefit from this course.

What It Covers

Learn about the challenges and risks involved in riding a motorcycle, all backed-up by the most recent research on road safety.

We will also cover how drugs, alcohol, bad judgement and many other factors can impair your safety on the road.

Learn how fear, concentration and awareness can affect you everyday riding.

Also learn about SIPDE, the mental strategy to achieve awareness of your surroundings and make proper decisions on the road.

Wearing only a helmet is not enough. Learn how using all the proper safety gear while riding can improve not only your safety but also enhance your concentration and comfort during every ride.

Learn the basic controls and skills necessary to operate and safely ride a motorcycle on public roads.

Learn the challenges, risks and strategies to safely navigate your way through roads where other vehicles are present.

Our unique approach to cornering will teach you the right techniques to adjust your speed prior and during a turn; to position yourself on the bike and in the lane; to use proper vision to gather information and control anxiety; and to apply the proper steering inputs to make your motorcycle turn safely on any curve of the road.

Learn how to achieve quick stops and swerve around obstacles you may encounter during your everyday riding.

Riding a motorcycle is very different from driving a car and things that you may not even think about when driving can be a big deal when you are on a motorcycle. Learn how to safely deal with those everyday special circumstances and situations.

The Total Control BRC® is taught in several states through different program managers. Refer to the links below to learn more about the Total Control BRC® in your state and schedule your course:

Motorcycles and helmets are usually provided in this course.

IMPORTANT: Do not enroll in this class if you are not able to balance and comfortably ride a two-wheeled bicycle.

The Total Control BRC® Promises

The Total Control team is committed to making you a better and safer rider and, in doing so, makes these promises:

  • Specific, measurable and demonstrable riding skills

    The Total Control BRC will help you attain the basic abilities needed to control your motorcycle safely.

  • A basic understanding of how your bike works

    How what you do affects your bike's ability to maintain traction and control.

  • The ability to recognize risks on the road, know what the solution is and be able to manage them on the fly

    While it's great to be able to ride in front of a skilled coach, it's equally important to be able to coach yourself when you detect a riding problem in the future. There are enough support materials in our package to help make sure you won't forget what you learned during your training.

  • High teacher-to-student ratio

    Each class is divided in groups with never more than six students per instructor for lots of individual attention and support.

  • Friendly, professional service

    The Total Control BRC instructors are highly trained and carefully handpicked for their teaching abilities and friendly dispositions. Your experience at the Total Control BRC will be a positive one.

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