• Training Ethos #1
    Riding techniques and training methodology are validated by real-world testing and data, not by non-specific abstract research.
  • Training Ethos #2
    Riding technology should be simple enough to be explainable, teachable and repeatable, yet comprehensive enough to achieve the desired results.
  • Training Ethos #3
    Knowing WHY something works helps learning WHAT it is and HOW to do it much more effective.
  • Training Ethos #4
    A biomechanical approach emphasizes economy of movement to reduce rider fatigue and provides more precise control and safety.
  • Training Ethos #5
    An integrative approach to rider education includes the physical, mental and mechanical aspects of motorcycling.

Improve your motorcycle riding from every angle!

Total Control Training is the largest provider of advanced motorcycle training and the leader in basic motorcycle training in North America. Our courses are widely used by military, state, civilian and government programs to enhance rider skills and reduce motorcycle crashes and fatalities. Total Control Training brings a dimension that is missing from all other Traffic Safety Training programs in the world. It provides advanced psychological and mechanical instruction that combines with riding skill development to create smarter riders who make better choices while riding.

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All of our courses are based on the best-selling book Total Control: High Performance Street Riding Techniques, by Lee Parks.

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