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For almost 20 years, California-based Total Control Training, Inc. (TCTI) has provided industry leading training as well as contract management for organizations/government entities such as Commandant of the Marine Corps, Safety Division (CMC SD), MCI West, MCI East, MCB Okinawa, MCB Hawaii, MCAS Miramar, California Highway Patrol, Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, Navy Region Southwest, ISCI, Cape Fox Professional Services, Cape Fox Federal Integrators, as well as the Air Force, Army and Army National Guard. Our executive leadership has provided program management and contract oversight on regional, state, and international contracts from several thousand to tens of millions of dollars.

As the curriculum vendor and program manager for the California Motorcyclist Training Program (CMSP), TCTI has literally rewritten the book on changing the culture of safety at the state level. CMSP is the largest beginner motorcycle training program in the nation with TCTI training over 55,000 beginner students annually.

TCTI is the also largest provider of advanced motorcycle training curricula in North America. Its Total Control Advanced Riding Clinics (TC ARC) and mentorship training are widely used by military, state, civilian and government programs for their mishap reducing technologies. TCTI brings another dimension that is missing from all other Traffic Safety Training curricula. It provides advanced psychological and mechanical training that combines with riding skill development to create smarter riders who make better choices while riding.

TCTI's training is approved DoD-wide for Levels 1-3. Additionally, California, Colorado, Arizona, Minnesota, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Texas and the Nevada DMV use its curricula as license waiver programs for all DoD personnel. Many more states are in the process of allowing TCTI curricula as an additional license waiver alternative to MSF or are completely switching over to it. California and Texas also use Total Control Training as a state-approved alternative to traffic school for motorcycle moving violators.

The owner and founder Mr. Lee Parks has been racing for over thirty-three years, and won the 2001 WERA National Endurance Series Championship in the Lightweight class. He is a highly sought after SME and industry consultant on Motorcycle Safety, performing professional development workshops for the State Motorcycle Safety Administrators (SMSA) and many state programs. Mr. Parks is also the author of the international best- selling riding skills book Total Control. Today with TCTI he provides beginner, intermediate and advanced rider training all over the world.

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